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Aynhoe Village Life - The Way It Was- Then - Before & Beyond        ISBN 978-1-84799-738-8

This is the village that my family had lived for over 400 years. It was a Fuedal village. There is a little history of the village, but it is mostly about the people that lived there and what their lives were like and what they got up to. The 'Then' covers 1940 to 1948 - the war time years plus a few more. The 'Before' covers the years from 1880 to 1940 these are stories told to me by grandparent, family members and other villagers. What the homes were like before modernisation and how they lived. The 'Beyond' covers the years from 1948 to 1956 when we moved to Oxford and our contact with the village was during weekends and holidays. In Oxford we lived in the grounds of a Rehabilitation Hospital for head injured men from the war. They were our playmates - learning to live and play with men with these handicaps gave a different outlook on life. The reason for the green border on the cover is for all the house doors in the village, that were painted dark green, from the paint that was supplied to all by the Squire.

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Headington Hill Hall. The forgotten years - 1939 to 1958    ISBN978-1-300-03042-3               

Since 1958 the Hall has experienced some notoriety as the home of the late Rbt Maxwell, founder of Pergamon Press. Now it is thriving as Oxford Brookes University part of the Oxford University system.

The reason for the red border on the cover, is to honour the British Red Cross that ran the hospital during this time

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This, my latest non-fiction book, is about a former manorial type home, known as Headington Hill Hall,  that was used during and after WWII as a hospital, then as a rehab centre for men that had suffered head injuries during WWII. During those years ground breaking work was done, that has impacted the treatment of head injuries over the years. The years from 1939 to 1958 have been mostly forgotten, this book, will  hopefully correct that oversight.  In addition it is where the first mechanical lift, known as the Oxford Lift, was invented by the author's father, Sydney Alsford. The lift was to make it possible to  transfer a patient from a bed to a wheelchair by using the lift, rather than by the physical strength of another person.

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Nursing at the Horton- The Way It Was- When Care to the Local People Really Mattered   ISBN 978-1-84753-865-9

In 1956 I started my nurses training at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury Oxfordshire England. At that time nurses training was considerably different from today. We were hospital trained - we worked in the wards learning our skills by 'doing'. We worked sixty to seventytwo hours a week and received our class work in our spare time. We were taught that the patients came first, second and last, everything else had to fit in between. I was trained under the National Health Service where the belief was, that if patients had to worry about how to pay for the care they were receiving it hindered the healing process. So all care was free as a human right. The feeling between patients and nurses were the same, they were our patients for us to protect them and care for them to the bitter end - we were their nurses and they would do anything they could for us and the hospital.  The reason for the Royal blue border on the cover, is to represent the colour of the staff nurses uniform, that we wore after we had graduated.

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Living and Nursing in America- The Way It Is and Was                     ISBN 978-1-257-75881-4             


This book charts my experiences of both the medical and social aspects of living and working in America. After training in England as an RN I continued my career in the States. This was 1965 just before Medicare was enacted. For the next 40 years I worked and lived in 10 different states, in a wide variety of medical facilities including an Indian reservation, Air-force and VA hospitals. My experiences will shock and horrify you as I reveal a mountain of medical in-competences and misdemeanors. Sadly, much of this was generated by greed. You will read how different states demonstrated different levels of care. There are both heartwarming and humorous stories. It additionally describes what adjustments a young married English woman with two infant daughters had to make, dealing with temperatures of 115 deg, black widow spiders, cotton mouth snakes and tornadoes that was just in Oklahoma"!   The reason for the purple border on the cover is for the Purple Mountains from the song about America. This book with pictures is now available as a Kindle world wide it is $3.25, if the one offered does not have this cover on it, do not buy it it doesn't have pictures and has been taken out of production

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A Vermont Gardening Memoir                                                           ISBN 978-1-329-04589-7

A Vermont Gardening Memoir, is my 5th Memoir & has been my winter project, it is finally finished and published. It tells how I started to learn about gardening in Aynho England as a child, finally after all our travels we moved to Vermont and ended up opening our own greenhouse business. It tells how we brought English style gardening to New England. There are over 100 colour photos to see how we progressed from England to New England, and all the trials and tribulations that went along with it in the cold north, all topped off by many joys. One of the local farms that is mentioned several times in the Book is Edgewater Farm their web page is  The book is now available on Kindle US at $3.95 & UK £2.60 if you go to this link it will take you there. As paperback book it is only available on line at just add the title and my name it should take you there. Because of the size and number of color photos the price is higher than I had hoped for, but I have discounted it 50%. If you want to buy it, it is best using the American buying site. There it is $22.20 & let your credit card do the conversion, which should bring it down to £14.60 plus shipping with today's exchange rate but as we all know that changes daily



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